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Award winning Fashion and Beauty Photographer Randi Rheaa Mentorship Creative Programs were created for aspiring and established photographers who are seeking to develop their skills. All of her creative classes are one-on-one in person tailored intensives. She will be accpting a limited number of photographers each month to help develop their skills.

Each program will be catered to your needs based on the creative class you are investing in. Please note that you will need basic knowledge of your camera and how to operate it.

Please keep in mind that these are creative and lighting classes. 

Grow Your Vision

Please let us know what class you are interested in. We would love to answer any questions for you regarding your interest. If you are ready to book, please let us know what class you are interested in and we would love to schedule your one-on-one creative course or lighting class with Randi Rheaa. 


One-Light Portraits

This one-on-one class is for anyone who is interested in learning about the world of studio lighting. At the end of this class you will have learned and created your first in-studio portrait. 


Color Theory

This one-on-one  Color Theory Class is for anyone who really wants to study the art of color in photography. It is for those who want to  achieve a desired emotion using Lighting Gels and strobes.  



This one-on-one class is for photographers who are wanting to develop their lighting skills using a particular lighting setup to enhance makeup and beauty in their photography. We will spend time with posing and lighting to reinforce your images. Lighting can either make or break makeup and I want to help you achieve your desired outcome. 


Creative Planning

The Creativity Course is for photographers who are looking to develop their creativity in their photographs. This is a one-on-one class with me where I wall walk you through the creative process. 



This one-on-one creative class if for photographers who are interested in learning natural light editorial portraits on a budget. We will spend time working on how to develop your vision and finding resources on a budget. 


Master Lighting

The Master Lighting Course is for photographers who want to master the art of controlled photographic lighting. This course is a one-on-one experience with Randi that will run through the basics of lighting, how to use lighting modifiers, and lighting setups like a pro!

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